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BOLO…Be On the Look Out! One puppy will change the way you see the world

lab puppy pumpkin patch BOLOAs co-owners of Dog is Good, Jon and I have focused on several core values to grow our small business. One of those values is to be socially responsible and philanthropic. Earlier this year, we were approached by the Director of Corporate Giving of Leader Dogs for the Blind to raise a future guide dog. As we considered the impact this might have on people, we decided to launch The BOLO Project. Over the next year, Dog is Good will publicly raise and train this puppy with the goal of generating awareness for Leader Dogs for the Blind and also the tremendous role service dogs play in enhancing human lives in general. For the year that BOLO will be in our care, we set a goal to raise $50K (the approximate cost to get a Leader Dog to a visually impaired, blind, or deaf-blind client).

Over the past month, the focus on raising BOLO has revolved around important puppy-rearing issues: housetraining, proper and safe socialization, problem prevention and basic manners training. I am amazed at how much a young puppy can learn.

lab puppy at vetAs a “puppy raiser” I take on all the responsibilities of raising a healthy and behaviorally sound dog – including veterinary care. There was no question that we would utilize the outstanding insurance program offered by Trupanion. However, this wonderful company is not just insuring BOLO. They have also stepped up to help us raise money for the project. They are donating $25 to Leader Dogs for the Blind for each insurance application made through The BOLO Project.

It is humbling and exciting to collaborate with like-minded businesses that strive to be a “force for good.”  Through the combined efforts of all those involved, The BOLO Project will publicly inform and showcase what is perhaps the ultimate connection between dogs and humans – providing “sight.” The Project is a  perfect fit for the Dog is Good mission: “deliver Dogvergnügen” (a word we made up to describe how great one feels when with their dog). The special bond between a Leader Dog and someone who is visually impaired goes beyond Dogvergnügen – it is perhaps the epitome of the dog-human connection.

To learn more about The BOLO Project:

To get your comprehensive insurance policy and have $25 go to The BOLO Project, sign up at through this link:

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