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Why you shouldn’t cancel your pet insurance

Often times, we are faced with difficult decisions, especially when it comes to finances. When we look for ways to cut spending, pet insurance may be on the chopping block since your pet has been healthy so far and you’ve never needed to use it. Sadly, the thing about insurance is that you usually don’t know when you will need to use it. After all, that is why we have insurance in the first place.

When it comes to the health of our furry best friend, pet insurance can be very helpful in times of need. Very recently, a former policyholder decided to reach out to us via our online chat and share her story:

Hi, Jen. I don’t have a question – I have a statement that you’ll want to use. I had a Trupanion policy through August 31st of this year; thought the cost was a bit high, and my 7 yr old GSD had pre-existing issues. I cancelled the policy. On Sept. 21st, he had a nosebleed; another on 9/28. We discovered a fungus in his nose; after $3200 out of pocket, the internal medicine vet said – do a internal nasal scope, into sinuses, etc. I couldn’t afford another $3200+ (he had told me “more than you’ve already paid..” so I figured perhaps up to $5000. I asked for a Plan B; it was Itraconazole. Max had already just been put on Piroxicam for pain (hips), so we went with the $559 Rx on 10/11/13. He was dead by 11/3/13. I am devastated. I want people to know the cost is never too great. Get a policy now and keep it up. Thanks. -Pat B.

We are very saddened for Pat’s loss and our hearts go out to her. Thank you for letting us share your story with others as a reminder of the importance of pet insurance.


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