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Fun for Fido: What Every New Dog Owner Needs

Getting a new dog is always exciting, but there are some things all dog owners must have, and certain preparations that need to be taken care of before bringing your dog home. You want to make sure you have all the right supplies on hand so that you’re prepared to start taking care of it. There are plenty of items dog owners can purchase for their new dog, but it is important to know what is necessary to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy in his new home.

Dog Food
The most important item your dog will need when he gets to your home is dog food. Make sure you choose an appropriate formulation. Puppies need to stick with puppy food, and adults need adult food. Always look for dog foods that list meat as the first ingredient so you are sure your dog is getting the right amount of protein. If you are not sure what to feed your dog, check with a veterinarian before you bring him home. Have a water and food bowl for your dog. The bowls should be the right size so that your dog can eat comfortably in a natural position to allow for better digestion.

golden retriever dog holding red leash outside walkLeash, Collar and Identification
All dogs should have an adjustable collar and identification that has all your contact information on it. This ensures your dog is identifiable if he should get loose or lost. Always walk your dog on a leash so he is safe from getting run over, or attacked by another dog. When walking your dog always keep a bag handy for droppings and keep your dog away from others who share the sidewalk.

Natural Pet Remedies
All dogs get sick now and then. Make sure you have some natural pet remedies to care for your dog. There are many options available for helping your furry friends that don’t have to hurt the environment. You can easily ward off fleas by using citrus. Fleas can also be combated by cleaning and extra baths. Rose geranium essential oils can be put on a collar to prevent ticks. Chamomile can help itchy or irritated skin, and many digestive problems can be solved by having your pooch eat a bit of pumpkin. For cushing’s disease remedies, look to herbs like dandelion, burdock to reduce inflammation. These natural remedies can help your dog improve long-term health problems, as well as live a happier and healthier life.

Grooming Tools
You should keep certain grooming tools on hand whether you groom your own dog or not. Always have a brush to keep your dog from becoming matted, and to keep the shedding down. It’s always a good idea to have dog shampoo on hand in case your pet gets dirty and needs a bath. Other grooming items you might need are fur clippers, fur conditioning spray, wipes and clippers.

Brynn and her cupcake
Brynn and her cupcake

Chewing Toys
All dogs need to practice chewing. This is how they keep their teeth clean. When they are just puppies, chewing helps relieve teething pain. If you don’t have enough toys around for your dog to chew on, they will look for something around the house to chew on.

These are just a few of the necessary items you should have on hand before you bring your new dog home. Most of all, give your dog plenty of love, care and attention.

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