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Man’s Best Friend: 5 Ways to Keep Your Canine “Pet-friendly” Around Your Kids

two boys and dogDogs resemble children in many ways. They need love, affection, reassurance that their needs will always be met and effective positive behavior training. Providing these things ensures your dog will be on his best behavior. He’ll be a joy to be around, especially when he’s near kids.

Occasional rambunctious behavior is natural. The best way to curb it is through good training, beginning when the dog first comes into the home. It’s best to reward the dog’s good behavior in positive ways.

Dog Trainers Are Wonderful Teachers
For those who don’t have experience with dogs or want to learn good ways to encourage good behavior, a dog trainer is a valuable resource. They have knowledge to teach owners great ways to get the best behavior out of dogs. Here are 5 ways dog trainers help discourage undesirable actions and encourage positive behavior:

1. Not lunging when a leash is put on
Dogs get excited when they know they’re going outdoors. Teaching them to settle down when the leash is put on helps make them safer around children. Kids can help by taking dogs for their daily walks. This provides quality time for bonding.

2. Being too aggressive when it comes to treats or play
Dogs can learn to stay calm when it’s treat or play time. They need to know they’ll get adequate amounts of love, attention, play and exercise opportunities. Commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “settle” are great teaching tools.

3. Learning not to jump on people
Teaching a dog not to jump is best done by letting people know not to pet the dog when they’re up on their hind legs. This reinforces staying down and sitting for attention.

4. Crazy behavior when going outdoors
Dogs naturally get excited when they do their favorite things, like going outdoors. Commands like “settle” help teach them not to be so rambunctious. Kids can be hurt when dogs jump and act wildly. Reinforce positive behavior with small treats or praise.

5. Learning to come when called and to be obedient
Dogs learn that they’ll be rewarded for coming when called and for listening. This is for the dog’s safety and for children’s safety.

Effective Dog Training Is The Answer
The solution to dog behavior problems is effective training. A good dog trainer helps owners learn how to get good behavior through positive reinforcement. Dogs are lifetime friends that thrive in loving environments.

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