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Tuna the Great Dane’s Pet Insurance Story

great dane black Tuna fountain outsideA few weeks ago our Great Dane Tuna started limping.  We were watching him and we thought it was a soft tissue injury, the limp seemed to go away, and then it became worse.  We made an appointment with our vet, because we had gone through bone cancer with our first Great Dane we did x-rays, lots of them.  We captured his wrist, and also his chest.  The x-ray looked like something was wrong but we needed further diagnostics to confirm any diagnosis.

We signed up with Trupanion five years ago when we adopted Tuna from rescue, but I had never had the opportunity to use them as Tuna hasn’t had any real medical problems.  I contacted Trupanion to figure out how to submit claims and use the service.  I spoke to Emilie this time, she was great, she explained everything to me and emailed me a claim form.  Feeling a little less worried made it easier to move forward.

great dane dog coneOur next step was a bone biopsy of the affected wrist.  We took him to a surgical vet to have the procedure done.  Then we had to wait.  Two days later we got the diagnosis, the results were indicative of osteosarcoma.  We met with the oncologist the next day and she laid out our options.

Tuna is very lucky to have two families that love and support him, but we now have four adults making decisions.  Over the weekend, he was with me and my boyfriend but we had decided on Sunday we would need to figure out what we wanted to do as his pain was increasing.  I told my ex-husband that I wanted to follow the recommendation of the surgeon and oncologist and amputate his right front leg and do chemo.  He and his girlfriend agreed.

On a Sunday afternoon I called Trupanion again.  I wanted to get a pre-approval so that we knew what we were dealing with.  I spoke to Stephanie, she was kind, informative and acted with urgency knowing Tuna was in pain and action needed to be taken.  We were hoping for amputation on Monday so the pain from the cancer would be gone.  She contacted Karin Dickson who was on call for claims.  Not long passed before I got a call at home from Karin, she told me what she needed to get the pre-approval started and immediately started contacting my vets offices for charts and records.  She wasted zero time, while being kind and comforting.

goofy great dane dog Tuna pet insurance TrupanionMonday I dropped Tuna off for surgery and Karin got to work on our claims, we had about 5 already at this point.  The communication was amazing, she processed my claims quickly and showed genuine concern for Tuna and my situation.  I was scared of about a million things that day, but paying the entire vet bills on my own was now not one of my worries.  I think in part, due to the pre-approval work we did my claim was processed on Tuesday shortly after we got the bill for surgery.  I have NEVER seen a company work so fast, I’ve NEVER heard of insurance that has a one time deductible for the incident not for the year and then covers 90% of the costs.

Because Trupanion was so helpful, I am free to focus on Tuna healing.  We still have chemotherapy ahead of us, but the insurance was a great relief in a nasty time.

Kristin & Tuna

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