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Pet Insurance and the Paranormal: A Spooky Anecdote

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a coworker who is a claims adjuster. Our adjusters process hundreds of claims on a daily basis which means they see a variety of veterinary bills for all different kinds of injuries and ailments. This particularly interesting pet insurance claim made it to my email inbox and I thought it would be a perfect story for today, Friday the 13th.

This particular policyholder, Mrs. M, brought her dog, whom we’ll call Buddy, to see his vet due to abnormal behavior over the last several weeks. Coincidentally, Mr. and Mrs. M had recently moved to an apartment until their new house is done being built.

During the time they have lived in this apartment, Buddy has been pulling and acting strangely when they go on walks around the grounds. Buddy has vomited a few times, which is not usual behavior for him. He refuses to go into the apartment and up the stairs into the living area. According to the notes, he also refuses to get off his bed some mornings. Perhaps he doesn’t like his new home and/or was sad to be removed from his old house. But there’s more to the story.

Buddy’s veterinarian discussed running a complete blood count to see if there are any underlying medical conditions. She prescribed Zantac for the upset stomach. She also made a note that Mr. and Mrs. M’s apartment is located at the site where a psychiatric hospital used to be, which is believed to be haunted. The veterinarian noted, “The owner has had some strange things happen in the apartment and other residents have also relayed unusual sightings and events in their apartments as well. Related?”

What do you think is causing Buddy’s strange behavior? Let us know in the comments!


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