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Pet of the Week: Ben

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Hi my name is Ben and I guess I am about a year old. I was originally from Tennessee but the good folks at Bluedog Shelter in Brocton MA brought me to Massachusetts where I found my forever family. I am full of fun and full of love for my family, other dogs, people of every shape and size and, yes, even cats. My favorite toy is an orange soccer ball that has lost its air. I can throw it myself which is fun but I really like it when my mom kicks it so I can chase it. My favorite person is my 97-year-old Grandma; we sleep in the chair together and she gives me all kinds of treats. When I came, they didn’t know what kind of dog I was, but they made me take classes and the instructor said I was a Portuguese Podengo. My mom likes it when she can say I am mostly something. All and all I feel special and my Trupanion tag looks great.

Thank you for sharing your story, Ben! We love getting to know our insured pets better 🙂

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