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This Week in Testimonials – 12/13

Morgan wanted to thank-you for everything… her most recent claim is headed to the mail box! -Tish S.

dog holding mail pet insurance Trupanion

This is such good insurance! If you have a pet but do not have insurance you really need to sign up today. -Nancy C.

Trupanion has come through for my Gavin on more then one occasion. Thank you, and happy holidays! -Beth T.

christmas dog pet insurance Trupanion

I am very thankful that I found Trupanion. The best of Holidays to all of you for helping me & my boys. -Lynn F.

Never thought I would need pet insurance until I met Emmylou. Huge gratitude to the unbelievably helpful people at @Trupanion. -@donmthompson

You guys are again awesome. Submitted my claim Monday heard back Tuesday and received money in my account Thursday. #oneweek @Trupanion -@Meldes13

We got Ben after we lost our last dog Rusty to cancer. Trupanion was wonder with all of Rusty ’s sicknesses. I hope that Ben is well and Trupanion makes money off of us this time. -Julie J.

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