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This Week in Testimonials – 12/6

A few months ago, I posted a pic of my Moore, OK tornado rescue, Goose. He and my other two rescues are trupanion members. One of my dogs was sick and I just submitted a claim for $1108.85. I was reimbursed in less than 2 weeks in the amount of $833.27. I’m so happy. I can’t say enough good things about Trupanion. I recommend you guys all the time. Since I am an animal rescuer, I truly believe that rescues are the best family you can have. The Rescue Club of America just launched 2 weeks ago. They are looking for businesses to partner with them. I hope Trupanion will consider. Everyone that has a pet that they rescued from the streets, from a shelter, from a rescue, etc.. should sign up. Its expanding daily! -Amy M.

@Trupanion has come through for us again! Ruptured ACL, 90% covered. Our bf had surgery yesterday All better. $5500! -@corrine_arthur

dog pit bull on floor

Have to say Trupanion has taken care of our Zena’s medical bills. They kept us informed with everything that was going on with our claims through email. And every time we spoke to them they always asked how Zena is doing. Needless to say we are very impressed with Trupanion and would highly recommend them. -Mark K.

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