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2013 Year In Review

Rather than asking for your pet’s New Year’s resolution which is something we commonly do at the start of each year, we decided to keep it positive by looking back at the good things you did in 2013. To enter this past week’s giveaway, we asked you to answer one question: What was one way you made your pet’s life better in 2013?

We know that all pet parents who saw our question are amazing people who make their pets’ lives better and we were overwhelmed with the positive responses to our question. For the sake of spreading the positivity, we decided to share some of our responses and pet photos in this blog post. As always, our prize winner will be randomly selected.


I stopped buying commercial dog treats and now I make my own using, Natural Peanut Butter, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Egg and Honey. I also bought a food dehydrator and I make sweet potato treats with it. Zoey loves these and they are so good for her! -Signe C.

Pulled him off the to be destroyed list and adopted him 🙂 -Pcakes M.

I got a job that allows me to bring my dog to work. He loves going to the office! -Emily S.

We adopted her (June 2013) and gave her a home, a bed, food, toys, and all the love we could possible give her. She was found alone, starving and scared and we changed that. She has made our lives better in 2013 as well. -Kelsey C.

I gave Penny a little “sister” on Dec 31 to make our lives complete !! -Patti S. cuddling dogs couch snuggle pet insurance Trupanion

We hiked a mountain together!!! Amazing experience! -Cathy S.

I found a toothpaste flavor he likes, so he actually enjoys having his teeth brushed. -Colette O.

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My furbaby had to wait 6 more weeks for a cystoscopy because the first one was inconclusive, or I could’ve just started on chemo treatment because it was looking like cancer, according to the vet. I choose to wait for another cystoscopy and I’m glad I did. No cancer, just one very expensive urethral obstruction. Thanks to Trupanion, they covered it. -Lily C.

When I got Astro in June of 2013 I also got Trupanion Dog Insurance. This was put to the test when at the age of 5 months Astro broke his leg! Trupanion paid 90% of his fees ( less the deductible )and Astro is totally perfect! -Elise M.

doodle scruffy dog pet insurance Trupanion

I saved his life when the vet’s kept telling me there was nothing wrong and I knew better and was persistent. Thank you Trupanion for making this nightmare less of a financial burden. -Deborah M.

Trupanion has probably paid $20,000.00 at least for my Doxies blood problem. 😀 -Liz C.

Trupanion helped us get his ACL surgery so he can play ball again 🙂 -Kaitlyn K.

I insured both my babies! Best thing I ever did–when my Sphynx was diagnosed with HCM in October, I knew Trupanion would help me provide the best care for my little man. -Christina

I have a 2 year old Labradoodle named Eko, who developed all sorts of skin/ear/eye irritation over the past year. My family and I spent months working with Park Veterinary Clinic to determine the issue, and scratch Eko’s itch. Because of Trupanion’s support, I was able to complete the numerous tests and treatments needed to narrow down what turned out to be a food allergy. He’s a happy camper now and celebrated his 2nd birthday on Tuesday! -Brittany C.

doodle scruffy dog happy birthday pet insurance Trupanion

How would you answer our question? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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