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Baylee’s Health Scare; Thank Goodness for Pet Insurance

wheaton terrier wrapped in blanket dog pet insurance TrupanionSeptember 25 2013 at 10 pm at night our vet met us at his clinic. Baylee our 15 month old Soft Coated Wheaton terrier had been was shaking uncontrollably, soiled her kennel, could not walk and it was evident by her crying she was in excruciating pain.

Once the vet confirmed she was not at risk for her life that evening, she was given pain relief and sent home with me with an appointment scheduled the next day. I made her a bed on the floor in my room and sat up with her all night as she as sick over and over again and cried.  The next day extensive testing was done on her including joint taps…our baby was given in the ensuring days a diagnosis of Immune mediated polyarthritis. Because of the coverage through Trupanion her diagnosis was quick as she was able to receive the best care possible from the vet.  She unfortunately did not respond to prednisone treatment (a cost effective and generally suitable treatment).  The next drug given was very expensive at over 200$ per month.  Even to this medication Baylee’s body was slow to respond.  She was also exhibiting aggressive behavior in part due to pain ands well as the prednisone.  Our vet consulted specialists and Baylee had a very difficult case.  However she was also put on medication and received treatment for her aggression so that we in our family were not at risk for further injuries.

wheaton terrier dog pet insurance TrupanionIt has been hard over the past months seeing our pup behave like a very old dog.  Walks were struggles. The prednisone also messed with her metabolism so in addition to all the other treatments she was prescribed a metabolic diet as she had put on almost 30% of her weight since starting prednisone. Given the issues with her joints because of her disease, this extra strain on her joints were causing her further debilitation. As you can imagine the costs were mounting. I had people telling me to just “let Baylee go and put her down”…

Well last Monday (January 13, 2014) we were relaxing and we heard toys squeaking.  Baylee had gone to her toy bucket which had been virtually ignored for months. She was playing with her toys. Toy after toy she pulled out of her bucket. Well she has played with her toys every day/night since. Her walks have a bounce. She is greeting people as a puppy should. We had her at the vet this past Saturday…he commented we have a “puppy” and that we do. We shall cross our fingers, follow her treatment plan exactly as laid out. Yes it is overwhelming at times.  But again thanks to Trupanion the financial implications are manageable. This is a puppy that in all likelihood may not be here today without the coverage we had. Now we again have a fluffy, adorable pup who is bursting with personality and playfulness. Thank you Trupanion.

Barb & Braden

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