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Morris Animal Foundation Helps Working Dogs

Untitled attachment 00041Search and rescue dogs work hard to help find and save people, and they have even helped out with such large-scale disasters as September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.  Unfortunately, this work often leads to dehydration, heat exhaustion, or other heat-related ailments; in fact, 68 percent of working dogs were affected by a heat-related illness after helping out with a disaster.

A study by Morris Animal Foundation monitored working dogs’ health when exposed to different types of environments.  This study found that no matter what the weather was, work dogs’ temperatures would still rise noticeably, even when a small amount of time was devoted to work.  Using cooling vests for these dogs showed promise for helping them to cool off.  This study helps search and rescue dog handlers to be more aware of how to help their canine partners by using cooling vests and managing when the dog needs rest.

Morris Animal Foundation is working to help improve the health of working dogs and many other types of animals by funding animal health studies like the one that you just read about.  Whether you have a cat or a dog, Morris wants to help your animal stay as healthy as possible.  Morris’s studies have:

  • Helped the first parvovirus vaccine for dogs to come into existence
  • Discovered a diet that helps diabetic cats
  • Found new ways to treat pain in horses
  • Cared for mountain gorillas, an endangered species, by funding veterinary care

Morris Animal Foundation needs your help so that it can keep funding studies like the working dog study that you just read about.  We greatly appreciate any donations!

This is a guest post by Katie F. on behalf of Morris Animal Foundation. Visit to learn more about the animal health research that Morris Animal Foundation participates in.

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