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How to Pick Up the Safest Accessories for Your Pet

dog in pool sunglasses
This dude has got the right accessory with the right attitude.

Every pet owner knows how much fun having a pet can be. The rolling in the mud, the paw fights, the running around, the quiet comfort and, of course, the dressing up. A pet can be quite a handful. And so these bundles of joy need to be kept with utmost care and protection.

Most of us love dressing up our pets and they love it too. My Maltese cannot stop staring at the mirror when I put those cute hair-bows on her (vanity issues I tell you). However, while style and fun is all good, safety and quality of the accessories and products we use on our pooches must be kept in mind as well. Here are some cool, stylish and safe ways to make your pet look like a total rock star.

Bandanas and Band Boys
One accessory that I think notches up the coolness quotient of pooches instantly is a bandana. In authentic tribal prints or quirky prints and quotes, bandanas can lend an effortless charm to your pet.

Greyhound bandana dog
The bandana makes him look even more dapper na!

They are always stylish and made from cotton so the risks of rashes or skin infections diminish drastically. Just make sure you don’t tie it too tight that it stifles your pet.

While bandanas are cool, bandana bibs will be a cute accessory for your pooch, most suited for smaller breeds like pugs and Maltese.

Floral Fetish
Going all natural with accessories for yourself and your pup is a great idea. When you make those floral bands to adorn your hair, make a few for your pup too. Agreed this is a little on the feminine side, but with slight twists you could make your very manly hound look just about as stylish in them.

Floral accessories for pups are especially cool during weddings and festive occasions when they complement or match the accessories worn by you as well.

And you know what for some real fun try this look out on your pup while walking on the streets of the city on a warm summer day. Your pooch is sure to make quite a few heads turn.

Winter Wonders
Here is a tip for all dog owners who have dogs who simply don’t like dressing up. Try dressing up your dog during winters. Because of the chilly winters they become much more acceptable to hats and tiny dog shoes that keep them warm and protected, especially when they are stepping out.

Take a nice soft, fabric and make a beautiful bow around your dog’s neck, but don’t tie it too tight. You could also tie it to your pup’s collar instead of the neck directly to maintain extra safety.

Santa hats and reindeer antlers are great Christmas accessories for dogs too and so are Santa and mistletoe collars. Santa shoes are a must to complete the Christmas look for your pup.

Hair-Raising Story
If we are talking about stylish accessories how can we miss out on adorable and comfortable hair accessories for our pups.

Dog bows are an absolute essential in every dog’s wardrobe. They instantly transform your pup from the regular cute to oh-so-fab and makes you the cynosure of all. However, it is important that you when you are fixing these accessories on your pup you do it in the right fashion, so that your pup is not hurt in the process.

And for all those with short hair dogs, don’t be disappointed. You will have enough caps, dog hats and dog feathers to keep you dog looking funky.

Tie Tales
I am sure you are excited to try out these accessories on your dog already. Well here’s one more safe stylish option to the list — ties. Polka dots, stripes or stars, dog-ties come in a variety of options these days. Grab one perfectly suited for your tiny gentleman and see him sweep the ladies off their feet.

white dog wearing pearls
How elegant!

We haven’t forgotten our canine beauties either. While you can always accessorize with ties for them as well, if you are looking for something more feminine, there are very cute dog necklaces available as well in colored beads and bells. Really want to make her look exotic? Why not double up one of your favorites and place it around her neck. Trust me, your baby girl will be the showstopper wherever she goes.

So go on. Accessorize your pet’s look well and gloat over your pet’s cuteness and your sartorial choices.

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