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Seattle Upsets Denver in Super Bowl Quarterback Pet Name Face-Off

With two high-performing squads in this year’s Super Bowl, it’s coming down to a battle of the quarterbacks. Trupanion, a data-driven pet medical insurance provider, analyzed their database of insured pets to determine which quarterback will lead his team to victory. Seattle’s beloved, Russell Wilson came out on top with over 77% of the name share. Don’t mess with the boys in green and blue.

Data on pet names related to the contending quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning, determined pets’ loyalties lie with Seattle. See complete results below:

Seattle Amount Denver Amount
Russell 183 Peyton 119
Wilson 246 Manning 5
Russell Wilson 1 Peyton Manning 0
Total 430 Total 124

In this furry battle, among all of the pets named after the QBs, the name Wilson alone holds almost half of the name share with over 44%. One die-hard fan took on his whole name – proving that even our four-legged friends favor Seattle.

Inspired by the furry fandom, Trupanion is asking pet owners to submit pictures of their pets in game day attire today through Sunday, February 2. Photos can be submitted to GameDayPets(at)trupanion(dot)com or posted to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GameDayPets. Photos will be shared on Trupanion’s pet-friendly website and social channels. The winner of the best-dressed pet fan face-off is wide open so check out Trupanion’s Facebook page and “like to win” – the battle is on!


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