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13 Pets Staying Warm This Winter

As the temperatures drop and snow levels rise, we and our pets seek blankets, fireplaces and cuddle buddies for warmth. For our giveaway this week, we asked you to send us a photo that shows your pet staying warm. While our winner will be randomly selected, we wanted to share some of our favorite photos.

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puppy boxer snuggled up in blanket warm
Bella, sahred by Lorie H.
cat curled up in fur coat warm cuddle sleep
Charlie, shared by Davina J.
golden retriever dog and child person cuddle sleep
Chloe, shared by Lynne V.
two dogs and cat by fireplace warm
Cosby and Hildy, shared by Hether D.
small dog life jacket on boat summer
Photo shared by Dana A.
great dane dog wearing coat
Hailey, shared by Ashley C.
dog wrapped in blanket warm burrito
Lucy, shared by Jennifer R.
dogs cuddling in bed warm sleep snuggle
Tino and Sula, shared by Achsa D.
dog and cat in blankets cuddle sleep snuggle
Stella and Maya, shared by Lori P.

How does your pet stay warm in the winter? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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