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This Week in Testimonials – 1/10

@Trupanion I want to say that I’ve had a great experience with Trupanion & highly recommend them over any other pet insurance. Thank you! -@tiffanythepom

Have only had fantastic experiences with @Trupanion pet insurance. If you have a pet, get this and get peace of mind. Customer service tops. -@Porphyrogenetos

I just wanted to say that I’ve had such a great experience with Trupanion and would highly recommend them over any other pet insurance. Having had a sick dog for a good part of 2013 I speak from experience, Trupanion have been so helpful and prompt in responding to our claims, and getting a pre-approval for a much needed surgery done within 1 hour. Thank you Trupanion! -Michelle S.

dog tongue derp pet insurance Trupanion

I just love the speedy claims processing! I have recommended you to so many people…I don’t know if any have signed up…if they haven’t they are foolish….thanks again for helping me to take care of my Duke! -Barbara B.

You guys are just awesome!! 🙂 -Cynthia C.

This is one of your clients. She is recovering nicely from a gastric ulcer and kennel cough, thanks to her amazing vet and you guys! Thanks 🙂 -Dannielle M.

yorkshire yorkie terrier dog fall leaves outside

Thank you for being there for me Trupanion Pet Insurance . Mama always calls when she has questions about my health and everyone is always so helpful and nice! But I’d rather play being a Dr. than to go to one.

nurse dog yorkie yorkshire terrier doctor pet insurance Trupanion
Chloe Polka Dot

Trupanion, you have been awesome since we signed up with you. Discovered Mason had hip dysplasia when he was 6 months old. Thanks to you for the help with his treatment, without surgery, he is doing just great now, at almost 3 years old. Here is a photo of him (on the right) with Molly, who is also covered under Trupanion. Thanks again. -Eileen S.

black dogs outside pet insurance Trupanion
Mason and Molly

I wanted to send you a note to say thank you from the bottom of our heart. My dog is 10 and also one of the most active 10 year old labs you have ever met. He still does 20 km mountain bike rides with us and comes on ski trips. So when he recently tore his ACL we were pretty devastated. Fortunately we made the wise decision to go with Trupanion for insurance even when folks teased us that he is jsut a dog and so healthy why would we need insurance. And what a waste of money. Well it was teh best decision ever. It helped us not have to make a hard decision over money, it allowed us to access great care rather than sub standard cheaper surgeries that freinds of ours did and regret. Nope…you allowed us to get the best care possible for our fur kid and family member. Not only are you freindly, easy to deal with and prompt. Your coverage has no small print, or loop holes. it is what it is and is honest and upfront. Our dog was covered for just what we expected. I got an email now explaining what was covered and approved and we havent even got our dog from the hospital yet. AMAZING. -Julie M.

black lab dog in car pet insurance Trupanion

Thank you to Trupanion Pet Insurance for covering our Joey. He’s going through an IMHA relapse and may need to have his spleen taken out. Wouldn’t be here without it! -Margaret C.

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