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11 Pets Showing Love this Valentine’s Day

Love is always in the air when you have a pet! For most of us, Valentine’s Day is just like any other when it comes to loving and snuggling with our pets. Pets are reliable and they are always there for us when we need them. We wanted to celebrate this special day by sharing these adorable photos of pets in love.

two cats cuddling snuggle cuddle love
Dante and Gabriel, shared by Zoe G
two dogs cuddling love snuggle couch
Herschel and Zoey, shared by Stephanie P.
three dogs in car outside riding
Photo shared by Kelsey H.
two cats cuddling cuddle love
Photo shared by Linda B.
dog and girl
Raegan, shared by Lauren H.

Sarah M

two black cats together
Scout and Gem, shared by Edie
poodle valentine heart
Sophie, shared by Wanda M.
dog kissing cat
Tina and Moet, shared by Ana A.
two cats cuddling
Photo shared by Tyler P.
dog valentine
Scarlett, shared by Janet G.

Do you have special plans with your pet for Valentine’s Day?


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