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5 Accessories To Bring While Traveling With Dogs

dog riding in carFor you, going on a long trip via road is not a big deal. The car is fitted with various safety gadgets for your protection, and generally, there would be food and beverage outlets at various points on the route for refreshment. But for your dog, the journey by car itself can pose several issues.

To make the ride, including even short distance travel, comfortable for your pet dog, one can make use of certain accessories. Some of the essential ones are mentioned below:

1. Harnesses, Carriers or Barriers
The importance of seat belt in a motor vehicle cannot be overemphasized; and safety needs of the dogs are similar to humans. The problem of strapping them in a car is solved by the various harnesses that are available on the market. You can get a harness as per the size of your dog; the most preferred ones are those which have a padded plate to protect the chest and can be tied along with the safety belt of the car.

Carriers: There are many types of pet carriers, like a backpack dog carrier or pet car carrier. Smaller breeds of dog can be secured along with their carriers in the car. An important thing to take care is that the pet should have an adequate space to be comfortable while inside the carrier as a congested one might harm the dog.

Barriers: Pet barriers present another way of securing the pet and also give it a good amount of room to relax during a long trip. The barriers generally come in the form of mesh, made out of a soft fabric, flexible metal tubes or wire.

2. Ramps
Pet ramps may seem like an unnecessary and extra component to keep in the car, but it can be of great use if you have a dog that is too old or small to hop in or out of your vehicle. A good ramp should be strong, but at the same time should be light in weight so that it can be easily kept in the car.

dogs in trunk of car3. Seat Covers
Your furry friend sheds its fur every now and then. The minute you open the windows of the car to bring in the fresh outside air, you might get showered with your pet’s hair, which get spread inside the car. For cleanliness’ sake, one can purchase special seat covers meant for pets. They come in various shapes and sizes; are lightweight and can be easily placed upon or removed from the seats. Many seat covers are made with fabric meant to attract pet hair and until it is shaken off or washed.

4. Portable Bowls and Bed
Providing food and water during a long trip is very important, but carrying the heavy bowls in the car cab be cumbersome. Light and collapsible bowls will save space and are also easy to use.

Foldable beds would offer a cozy place to rest to your adorable canine companion, without taking up too much space. There are many varieties in this category, like beds which can be rolled like a normal sleeping bag.

5. Emergency Kit
A mishap can occur any time; to be ready to tackle any such situation, a first aid kit can come in handy. A first aid kit catering to your pet dog should comprise medical aids, like antiseptic, bandage, gauze and any essential medicines which you are feeding your pet along with medication for travel/car sickness.

Making your pet a part of your road travels shows the love and responsibility you feel towards your pet. You can find the above mentioned dog travel accessories, and many others online and let your dog enjoy the ride as well as different terrains passing across the car.

Joy M is a pet’s lover and having 2 dogs. She wishes that pets of her and others stay healthy and active hence she shares various articles on how to make pets fit and happy.

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