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Beau Speaks: Dog Walking Etiquette Part 2

Hi, it’s Beau. So, in Part I of this series, I detailed the proper way to pick up after us and to dispose of our…left overs. Today, we will review proper leash handling and how to prevent potential trouble as we walk you.

dog leashIt is wise to use a leash when we’re being walked. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love being off leash as I get to run from bush to bush and read peemails from my fellow brothers and sisters. I also get to run after little critters…like squirrels. And therein lies the rub. JP always lets me loose in controlled environments, where it is allowed, and never in a situation where I can run into traffic. You see, unless we get hit by one, we really don’t know that those big metal things you call “cars” can hurt us. And lots of us get hurt and even killed by “cars.” So leash laws were enacted to keep us safe because when we’re out on our own we’re likely to wander into traffic. That’s usually not good for us, and sometimes not good for a driver who may try to avoid us and hit another car, or a pole, or something else in the process. Either way, someone gets hurt, sometimes badly. And speaking of leashes, I think those retractable leashes are a bad idea. They blend into the background so that other people, like joggers or bikers, don’t really see them and they’re likely to trip over. That can also result in serious injury.

It is also wise to ask permission for us to play with other dogs. Most of us get along real well with each other. But, just like you, there are times when another dog just rubs us the wrong way. So before you allow us to approach another dog, ask for permission. After all, that other dog may not be friendly, or be sick or hurt, or…well a number of perfectly good reasons why s/he may not want to play with me. By the way, the same applies to children. I love them and I love to be petted by them. But sometimes I get scared by them and I know other brothers and sisters who do too. Some of us are simply not very friendly, or may be old and/or sick, and we may hurt the child in an attempt to protect ourselves. Either way, no good comes out of it. As my cousins the cats say: “Better safe than sorry.” In Part III, we’ll talk about how to avoid potential troublesome situations.

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