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Stokes the Cat’s Pet Insurance Story

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Stokes has been my very first baby since I was 20 years old. I bottle fed him from a week of age and he has been with me through college, moving out of my parents’ house, getting married, & starting a furry family. When a Trupanion representative came to talk to my coworkers and I at the veterinary clinic I work at, when Stokes was 5 years old & nearing “senior pet” years, I knew immediately I wanted to sign him up so I would never be faced with a financial dilemma if he became ill. When he started coughing a couple of days ago and appearing to have trouble breathing, I knew I had to take him to the emergency veterinary hospital. As worried as I was about Stokes, I was able to remain fairly calm on the drive there and while we waited for him to be assessed by the doctor, since I knew that his insurance coverage would enable me to tell the veterinarian to do everything she needed to do without worrying about cost. Within a short 2-day time period following his visit, his insurance claim had been submitted, processed, AND Closed. This & knowing that Trupanion would continue assisting with future costs toward Stokes’ asthma diagnosis gave me great relief and enabled me to focus all my attention on getting Stokes better. And for that I am incredibly grateful. I can’t wait to share our story with other clients and pet owners who are curious about Trupanion. Thank you again from myself, my family, and of course Mr. Stokes!

-Jennifer A.

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