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This Week in Testimonials – 2/14

We love Trupanion! I couldn’t believe how wonderful they were when Bea needed surgery in a hurry. I submitted the paperwork on a Friday night at 5pm and had a personal call by 8pm with approval. It was so wonderful being able to focus on Bea and not having to worry about how I was going to pay for it. -Heather B.

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On Thanksgiving Day, 2012, Fenway had a horrible accident. He got a hold of a clorox pak… one of those ones for single use laundry. Although we saw it the moment he had it and took it away within seconds, he had inhaled some of the powdered bleach, and within minutes was having difficulty breathing.
We took him to our local Dog ER, where he had to be intubated, and have his breathing cleared overnight. He was only 5 months old at the time. We didn’t know if he’d make it. We did know one thing though…he’d get the best care, and Trupanion would take care of it.
Within a few days, our little guy had made a full recovery…something that we know we wouldn’t have been able to pay for out of pocket. Trupanion truly saved him (and us).
Now, our little Half Boston Terrier, Half Basenji is 25 lbs, full of life, and happy and healthy. He just got to go through his first “real snow” here in Seattle, Washington (he LOVED IT), and it made me think about how lucky we are to have him.
Thank you, Trupanion Pet Insurance.
-Tina H.

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Fenway Bark

I would like to thank Trupanion for paying so promptly and so easily when we had to make a claim for our new puppy. Even if we never use it again, it has paid for itself. -Jean S.

I cannot thank you enough for making us have one less thing to worry about. Not knowing whether we were going to get Mackenna back this weekend was bad enough, and not having to worry about going broke because of it made such a difference. I recommend you to everyone! -Kel M.

my mommy says thank you Trupanion for helping us out w/my emergency surgery! -Max A.

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