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This Week in Testimonials – 2/28

@Trupanion you guys are awesome! Chompy agrees! -@BillyNubz

sleeping bulldog

Thank you for providing great coverage and giving me peace of mind 🙂 -Heidi W.

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for being so great in handling Bowser’s insurance claim! He is truly my best friend and it was a very stressful time, between his surgery and trying to find the finances to cover it. Thanks for everything! -Carly S.

I love trupanion. Not only is it a great insurance but when I was at hospital with other dog, my other dog escaped our yard and with his trupanion tag on his collar a nice fireman called them and my boy made it home safely -Michelle R.

Not only you guys are THE BEST pet insurance on the market, and make my day bright with your fun photos and contests… I just received your email informing me that my premium for my lovely Eloise’s insurance is… DECREASING! I cannot stop telling all my friends about you! I already had my neighbour care for her two dogs through you, but please enlist me as one of your major advocates in my area!!! Love You, Trupanion!! -Maria M.

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