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This Week in Testimonials – 2/7

Just wanted to let you guys know since Harley’s surgery,diagnosis and new med/meal plan he has been feeling great. Thanks for covering our claims. It helped get him on the right path to health. -Carla C.

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This was Schroeder who crossed the Rainbow bridge yesterday to be with his pal Charlie Brown. Thanks to Trupanion in the end he had the best care he could and we had the most information we could have to make an informed and compassionate decision. -Margaret C.

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@Trupanion thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Rav thanks you, too! -@Celynnen

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Thank you @trupanion, if it wasn’t for the outstandingly medical insurance you provide this girl probably wouldn’t be with us today. She became a part of our family two and half years ago, just a little before her third birthday. On the advice of our vet and a family friend we took out medical insurance with #trupanion, best thing we could have ever done for our #ebt cause within six months we had to put her thru surgery for a cancerous mass cell tumor on her back, after that we discovered that she has some serious allergy issues along with an incontinence problem, then just recently we discovered that she has Osteochondrois and need to have surgery on her back hock. She is recovering great from her recent surgery now. All along the way #trupanion has been fabulous at helping us pay #CherryMae’s medical expenses….if it wouldn’t have been for them I would have never been able to afford all of the medical care that this precious #englishbullterrier has needed. Many thanks @trupanion for keeping a member of our pack healthy! #ilovemydog -@mrsd_m_c_

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