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Healthy Pet: 6 Common Yet Dangerous Health Symptoms That Pet Owners Often Ignore

BjlgnkiCEAAkEARThe health of our pets is important to us, yet there are some signs of possible health issues that may be easy to overlook. It might be easy to dismiss these health issues as behavioral changes that are nothing to be concerned about. Erring on the side of caution is always a better idea.

Decreased Interest in Begging
Many dogs are notorious for begging for food, and seeing them abstain from this behavior might be welcomed at first. However, a dog that shows decreased interest in food could have a serious health issue that requires attention. This can range from a viral or bacterial infection to an injury to the digestive tract.

Drinking Too Much Water
Dogs will typically drink more water during hot weather, but excessively drinking water can signal a problem. One of the early warning signs of diabetes is drinking a greatly increased amount of water. Another serious issue related to excessive thirst is kidney disease.

Excessive Head Shaking
Both dogs and cats will shake their heads for many reasons, but when this happens regularly, it could mean that your pet has recurring ear infections. These are not only uncomfortable, but could lead to hearing loss or painful blood blisters inside the ear flap, known as hematomas.

Because some pets, especially certain dog breeds, tend to drool quite a lot, many pet owners don’t see drooling as a possible problem. Drooling is often a sign of an abscessed tooth which, if left untreated, can cause other infections. Another possible reason why pets drool excessively is because of a foreign object lodged in the throat, such as a bone or part of a toy.

Chronic Hot Spots
Some pets are prone to hot spots, especially during periods of warmer weather. This is a condition that many owners try to clear up with over-the-counter remedies. However, a vet should be consulted, because such skin conditions could be caused by parasites.

Weight Gain and Fatigue
As pets get older, they often put on weight and spend more time resting. Rapid weight gain should always be checked out, especially when fatigue is involved. These are a couple of symptoms associated with heart failure.

Most pet owners will have to cope with few, if any, life-threatening or otherwise dangerous issues in pets. It is always a good idea to be aware of possibly dangerous symptoms in any case. This helps increase your pet’s chances of getting the care he or she needs.

Informational credit to Hamilton Road Animal Hospital.

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