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Five Helpful Suggestions For Potty Training Your Feline Friends

cats on couchWhether you have recently brought home a young kitten or have adopted an older cat that may be used to relieving themselves outdoors, it’s important that you go through the necessary steps to help adjust the cat to using a litter box. While instinct should help encourage your cat to use the litter box without any problems, following the five following steps can help ensure that the litter box is an inviting place for them to use.

1. Placing the Litter Box in a Quiet and Private Area
The best way to start a good relationship between your cat and their new litter box is by placing the box somewhere that is quiet. Cats can be quite timid, especially if you have recently adopted them, making it a good idea to place their litter box in a private area so that they can be comfortable while using it.

2. Maintaining a Clean Litter Box
Cats hate relieving themselves in dirty litter, making it so important for you to invest the time and effort into cleaning the litter box on an everyday basis. Using a quality cleaning product such as Urine Be Gone’s odor remover can also help ensure that the box smells fresh and is inviting to your cat.

3. Providing Enough Litter Boxes for Your Number of Cats
If you have several cats, it is so important for you to provide a number of litter boxes that makes sense for the number of cats that you have. By placing several boxes around your home and for the number of cats that you own, you can be confident that each cat will have a box to use.

4. Using Positive Reinforcement Consistently
As your cat becomes accumulated with the litter box and starts using it regularly, it’s important that you take the time to praise them accordingly. While cats don’t react to punishment well, you should be able to encourage litter box usage by using soft and comforting words along with petting them.

5. Experimenting with Different Types of Litter
Even with all the work that you invest in getting your cat used to their litter box, you may find that the type of litter that you’re using is not a good choice for your cat. By trying different types of litter such as clumping, pine, pellets, and more, you can be confident that the litter box is a comfortable place for your cat to use.

Putting in the time and effort to help get your cat comfortable with their litter box can help reward you significant in the years to come since it will help reduce the chance that they’ll soil outside of the box and on your floors. By taking special care to introduce your cat to the litter box and maintaining a clean box, you should be able to make the experience a positive one for your cat.


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