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This Week in Testimonials – 3/21

Just told my over 300 friends that you’re quick and fair. I only wish I could insure my home and car with you. Very grateful. Ober family: home of Shayna, the prettiest four legged girl in the world. -Joanna O.

Thank you for being there for my little guys. You are the best!! -Josette W.

I’m glad that our furry family is covered! -Jerilynn F.

Honestly: if you don’t have pet health insurance, get some. Without @Trupanion, this weekend’s hassle could have been a tragedy. -@happycampergirl

We were at the vet last night, no fun, and woke up this morning to see our claim went through at 11pm last night…so fast! Thanks Cori  -Janet F.

Hello there; just to thank you for all the support and excellent service we received from you when Sasha was diagnosed with cancer in her leg. She is good now, with only 3 legs but healthy and happy to be with us. Choosing Trupanion as our pet insurance was definitely one of the best decisions we made, and we are very thankful with you… specially Sasha who just made her best smile for you guys. -Julian N.


So I got insurance for our dane when we first got him as a puppy almost 3yrs ago. I figured since he was going to be so big, God forbid something happens, the vet bills would be very high. I was going back and forth thinking how much we pay monthly and that we have yet to need the insurance, BUT I am so glad we kept it. We’ve been dealing with a licking granuloma for months now and we’ve already dropped over $1000 on D’artagnan… about to drop another $1000 in one vet visit next week to. Hopefully this next line of testing will give us some answers as to why it is not healing and we can get a better handle on it. So, I am so grateful for Trupanion pet insurance. THANK YOU! -Allie S.


Hello, I just wish to thank Trupanion for their prompt, efficient claim service in setting up direct billing with our pet hospital, during our 6 yo standard Murphy’s battle with lymphoma. Murphy had a rare and aggressive form of the disease, and lost his fight a week ago, but we were able to give him (and us) five more happy months, which we would not have had without insurance, and Trupanion made things easy by taking care of the details for us for the best possible care. I just want people to know that getting insurance with Trupanion was a blessing for us. Thanks again, Clayton Albrecht.


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