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How to Take an Awesome Pet Photograph

how to take an awesome pet photographClearly, your pet is the most adorable, hilarious and smartest pet in the world, but does the world know that? There’s only one-way to find out: by taking the most awesome pet photograph anyone has ever seen and then share it far and wide.

So, whether you’re looking to document your cat, dog, cow, giraffe or whatever critter you keep close to home, follow this helpful guide to capture amazing, professional-looking photos from subjects that are usually reluctant to strike a pose:

1. Getting Your Pet to Cooperate

As probably know our pets don’t always follow instructions. To encourage them to sit still, look at the camera or do a particular trick, keep treats on hand to reward them when they cooperate. Squeaky toys and other noisemakers can also encourage your pet to look or move in a particular direction for an awesome photo.

2. Use Natural Light

Unless you happen to have a fancy portrait studio, you best bet is to use natural light. Using a flash will often frighten a pet, create red-eye and create a flat-looking image. If you have a backyard or neighborhood park, take your pet outside during the early hours of the day or the late afternoon before sunset. You’ll avoid the bright, harshness of the noon sun, and your pet will be bathed in soft, natural light that makes them look spectacular.

3. Make Your Pet Comfortable

You’re more likely to capture your pet at it’s best if they feel relaxed and comfortable. If your animal is shy, approach them quietly and calmly in their favorite place to relax. For active pets, make the photo shoot fun and play with them as you normally would. You want them to not be distracted by the camera or feel like they are being pushed to do something they wouldn’t normally do.

4. Focus on the Eyes

One key to creating an awesome pet photograph is to focus on the animal’s eyes. If the eyes are sharp, the photo will be more captivating and stand out from the rest. Fortunately you don’t need to be an experienced photographer with an expensive camera to do this. Most point-and-shoot cameras and smart phones offer auto-focus or an adjustable setting that allows you to select your point of focus.

5. Create a Flattering Frame

Make sure that your pet is the main subject of the photograph and doesn’t get lost in a busy background. When you take the photograph or crop it afterward, use the rule of thirds: divide the entire picture plane into 9 sections with three lines running horizontally and three running vertically. Aim to place the closest eyeball in the upper or lower corners of the frame for an interesting composition.

Whether you’re capturing your pet relaxing, playing with their favorite toy or wearing a funny costume, the overall aim for an awesome pet photograph is to have fun and be patient. Let your pet’s awesomeness shine through!

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