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From Mama Ruth to Petra

I am often inspired by the policyholders I talk to on the phone at work here. I recently spoke with Petra’s dad to sign her up for our coverage, and he sent me some adorable pictures of her. It made me glad when Andy offered to share how she found her new home with our blog readers.

Here is Andy’s story of Petra’s life and her journey from Mama Ruth to the Petra she is today:

Growing up, I had Labs and a Maltese, but I knew that I wanted a pit bull.  The awful stories about pits being dangerous and uncontrollable made me a bit apprehensive but after spending time with my friend’s pits I found them to be well behaved, playful, and affectionate.  On top of this, 40% of all dogs in rescues and shelters in Chicago are pits or pit mixes, many set to be put to sleep.

Petra After Puppies during rescueA friend got her pit bulls from Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue so I reached out to them.  During the screening and interview process, they asked what I type of dog I’d like and the environment it would live in.  I needed a lower energy, well behaved dog that could be around my niece and nephews.  Living in the city meant that it would have to play well with other dogs at the park.  CBBR directed me to a red nose named Mama Ruth.

At one only one year old, Mama Ruth was found pregnant and grossly underweight living under a trailer in Tennessee.  She was missing fur from tick bites and her ears were split and damaged.  But she was docile and sweet so Stephanie, one of the rescuers from CBBR, took her into her home.  Stephanie’s house was filled with other dogs, a cat, and horses.  She also has a young son about my niece’s age.  Ruth played well with everyone and never caused any trouble.

Petra hanging with puppy

Stephanie nursed Ruth back to good health.  Ruth’s weight doubled to 60 lbs and her fur started to come back.  Unfortunately, her ears didn’t make it and had to be lasered off.  When the day came for her to deliver, she had nine beautiful, healthy puppies.  By this time, Ruth was healthy enough to nurse.

Petra's puppiesPetra's other Puppies

After each of the pups were adopted it was time for Ruth to find a new home.  Despite being a well behaved and friendly dog, she had trouble being adopted out.  With so many pits available in Chicago, people are able to find puppies and dogs in perfect shape.  Ruth still had the weight from giving birth and ears that look like a scissor-job fighter cut.  When I met her for the first time, I could see she had sweet and playful disposition.  Petra getting a treat

A few weeks later, I took her home.  Ruth’s name didn’t seem to fit her personality.  I had visited the Lost City of Petra in Jordan a few years prior.  The city is carved into the side of a reddish-tan canyon, the same color as her coat.  A new home deserved a new name, so Petra it was.  She shed the baby weight and all of her fur grew back.  Her kind nature combined with her good looks makes her the center of attention everywhere she goes.

Petra stylish clipped ears Petra stylish

The day after Petra came home, I took her to the vet for her initial visit.  It was then that I found out she was set to be put down.  It’s hard to imagine that a perfectly good dog couldn’t find a home.  If you’re looking to adopt, don’t overlook the imperfect pooches.  Adopt based on looks and you’ll get a possession.  Adopt on based on personality and you’ll get a best friend.

Petra chilling


Here are some more adorable pictures of Petra celebrating her birthday. She is obviously in a loving home now with Andy:

Petra Spoiled on BirthdayPetra birthday cake

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