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Monthly Archives: April 2014

5 Tips For Caring For Your Pet When They Are Sick

Pets suffer illnesses just as humans do. Serious ones require help from a veterinarian and sometimes hospitalization. However, many times you may find yourself in the position of caring for less serious illnesses or recovery periods at home. Here are

Searching for Fido: Tips for Getting a Lost Dog Home

When you adopt a dog, they’re more than just an animal, they become part of your family. Unfortunately, family dogs get lost every day in the United States, but following the right steps helps ensure that you get your lost

19 Pets Enjoying Spring

Spring is finally here (for many of us) and it’s nice to finally see a little sun, feel a little warmth, and spot the colorful flowers as they begin to bloom. We’ve enjoyed viewing your springtime pet photos over the

Trupanion Reviews – Week of April 18

I just finished filing my first claim for my puppy. Even though there were some questions about his previous vet records before signing up with Trupanion, everything was handled quickly and I was informed of the claim status regularly. Thank

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Drooling

Dogs and drooling often seem to go together like cats and purring. But that nasty drool can get everywhere, making it a real mess to clean up. Not only that, but sometimes a dog’s drooling can be so excessive that