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Trupanion Reviews – Week of April 18

I just finished filing my first claim for my puppy. Even though there were some questions about his previous vet records before signing up with Trupanion, everything was handled quickly and I was informed of the claim status regularly. Thank you for the great customer service! -Carol M.


My little Maltese has to see the ophthalmologist every 4 months for her eye issues. Trupanion is the best! -Cindy B.

Love watching my pup sleep! Knowing he’s happy, safe and has @Trupanion! Nothing better than that❤️❤️❤️ -@HurleyRegina


@Trupanion Love the peace of mind that comes with having my fur babies insured! -@UnicornGlam


I’ve been dealing with Trupanion for many years now, and today I got an e-mail that my monthly premium was decreasing, wow, this is unheard of, thank you Trupanion! I tell everyone that asks me about insurance to try you! -Penny M.

thank you for your quick service and e mails ,i am so glad i took trupanion as my insurance for my dog,you guys are great and you care!I WILL definately pass your name onto others -Sheri R.

I love @Trupanion! Just one of the invoices from my latest dog crisis. If you have a pet you love, sign up now! -@vwestphoto_nb

my dogs officially have insurance. thanks, @IndianapolisVet for suggesting @Trupanion. 1 plan, 90% coverage. easy peasy. -@meganbelle

2 x-rays, 3 “foreign objects”,and 24 hrs later Bear is on the mend! #trupanion @trupanion #sfdogs #australianshepherd -@beartheaussie


I just want to say thank you. Without your amazing evening customer service and pre-authorization / direct billing I would not be picking up my Thug .. otherwise know as Artemus the Nerf Dart eating cat tonight. -Carolin S.


Thank you sooo much for helping us getting Penny back on her paws 🙂 -Bettina H.


Hi ! I’m Connor, and I can’t say enough about the folks at Trupanion ! I am just 5 weeks out of a TTA surgery for my torn ACL and my Dad and Trupanion have been with me all the way !
Dad said that if it wasn’t for Trupanion that we would of had to go to one of those less desirable place to have my surgery But since he was smart enough to get me Pet Health Insurance from Trupanion ! I got to go to a very reputable Vet Hospital and have it done right ! I have a lot of healing yet to do and my Doctors say that it will still be weeks till I actually get to run, but I know that I am on the right track !!! To get back to what I do best !
I would like to thank the great crew at Trupanion starting with the ones that I have heard about from my Dad. So a Great Big Barking Thank You to:
Jennifer, Megan, Amanda, Denise, Emma, Jenn, Heather, Alicia, just to name a few !
Thanks to the Trupanion Team !


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