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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 4/25

Thank you Trupanion for giving Guardian Veterinary Centre; Specialty & Emergency Pet Care the ability to treat our Joey who has hemorrhagic gastroenteritis that is complicated by IMHA. He’s had a blood transfusion today and is getting the best care in the city of Edmonton! Without you we wouldn’t be able to give him a fighting chance. -Margaret C.

Thank you for assisting with our boys parvo nightmare! Your compassion and amazing service were instrumental in Milton’s recovery. -Karen C.

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Thanks Trupanion,for keeping my Kapri happy & healthy.
Your company is the best!! -Jeannie F.

Thank you for being so prompt, thoughtful and kind hearted during our emergency this weekend. I am so impressed. -Kristin E.

I would like to express my true gratitude to Trupanion, the BEST decision and choice I ever made for pet insurance!!!!! Hands-down the most wonderful experience every step of the way with staff during my trying times with Bebop my cat……. -Natalie F.

Excellent insurance coverage that I have recommended to number of my friends. Our puppy was sick the first 6 months and Trupanion saved us. We receied reimbursement checks within two weeks of our claims. TY -Kathy P.

Thank you Trupanion for our awesome surprise!! We love everything!! Sarge will proudly wear his new bandana as we continue to share the importance of covering our pets with Trupanion! We can’t thank you enough for helping us give him the best care possible!! Thanks again! 🙂 -Kelley H.


I just got an email saying my claim was approved…I didn’t have to do anything! My vet faxed the claim form YESTERDAY afternoon/evening and it’s already been approved. Thank you, hopefully the check comes quickly as well. -April B.

I don’t usually promote products or services but I really feel strong about this and any of us who have furry kids will want to read this. As most of you know we spent a huge amount of money on our last dogs medical bills over the years (and would do it again in a heartbeat). With that said when I adopted again I decided that I needed to check out pet insurance and did a lot of research and came up with Trupanion and so did my vet in her office’s research. So I enrolled my new furry kid right away, price did go up, but decided that for the price it was worth it and hoped I would never have to use it. Patients at my vets were upset and lots of them changed policies, well Trupanion’s rate went back down in the next couple of years and I am glad I have learned in life, that if it looks good in the beginning stick with it. Well my little girl got sick and vet bills after numerous tests and a few days and nights in two different hospitals plus meds added up quickly. Well I gathered everything together and submitted the claim to date to Trupanion mailed the packet on a Saturday, heard from Trupanion via email on Tuesday that they had received my claim and on Wednesday received another email that the claim was approved and by the following Tuesday my check was in my hand. Needless to say I was elated with their superior customer service and quick attention to the claim(s). So if you are ever looking for pet insurance, I highly recommend this company. Please note this is insurance is NOT for regular shots or check ups, but for unforeseen illnesses, emergencies and accidents and you chose the deductible and after that they pay 90% of your claim. So I know that none of us have money trees and those who do have furry kids would do anything to help them and I just wanted to share. So if you ever thought about insurance that you may want to do some comparisons with Trupanion and other pet insurance companies and have this information available too. -Nancy B.

Thank you, @Trupanion for helping my beloved Sadie to get the care she needs! Keep up the great work! -@melharrisbc


@HoP_DogCollars We love @Trupanion too! In fact the cheque arrived today for Tuxie’s recent surgery! Love having peace of mind. -@WNWPetFirstAid

A big shout out to @Trupanion pet insurance for their amazing customer service. Bodhi, chester, and I all appreciate it! -@constantjourney

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