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Trupanion Reviews – Week of April 4

Finalized Lexy’s pet insurance w/ @Trupanion. They were GR8 w/ Pete.. Hope we never need it but assured it’s there pic.twitter.com/t2jGfSwcEP -@HoP_DogCollars


@Trupanion.. Recovering from my surgery. I will be able to live my life pain free because of you! Thank you!!! pic.twitter.com/NYDbhKX0w4 -@HurleyRegina


Fantastic service, fast claim payment processing and great coverage!! I have been with Trupanion for about 2 years and have all 5 of my animals covered. I have had a few major claims and have been very happy with processing and customer service. Wonderful insurance company. -Selma E.

Hi Trupanion! I just called your customer support line & was pleasantly surprised that I was able to immediately speak with a live human person! My customer service representative, Caroline, was super friendly and solved my problem in under 2 minutes! Thanks for making taking care of my best friend so easy! -Haile C.


great insurance to have,just ask the baby,s -Sally C.

Thanks @trupanion if it wasn’t for you pay direct plan we could not have done his surgery, you saved my lil #doxie #doxiepin -@leahmcmuff

I want to thank the Trupanion company for the services and peace of mind you provided us in the illness and even in her subsequent death, it was good to know that your company and it’s representatives that assisted us to the very end and are so appreciated. thank you from Butterball and the King family. -Lenora K.

@Trupanion you have the best customer service ever!!! #bravotoyou -@MeganLivesFit

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2 Responses to Trupanion Reviews – Week of April 4

  1. Landon l says:

    Just cancelled my policy after 2 years of paying.
    When I first got my baby she had an ear infection that “could be allergy related” the vet said. I did a lot of research after I got her to pick what I thought would be the best policy should anything major like this come up down the road that needed to be done and I couldn’t afford.
    The ear infection cleared up for months and she had other ear infections after sign up that Trupanion has helped pay for so I was happy (she’s an avid swimmer). They gave me a “paw print” of pre existing conditions and nothing stood out to me that made it seem like allergy testing would not be covered. Now while her skin is flaking and scabbing and her eyelids are raw (all things that have NEVER happened before and has me feeling so bad for her) this scam of a company has left us helpless and refuses to pay for allergy testing the vet has recommended because she had that ear infection over 2 years ago that “could have been allergy related” and my vet doesn’t feel comfortable writing a letter saying that it specifically wasn’t allergies over 2 years ago(because how is she going to remember and she’s right it COULD have been and over 2 years later when things have gotten the way they are NOW it is reasonable to believe that an ear infection was a sign of allergies). At that time it COULD also have been cancer related or bug related. Nobody knows what the cause is until it’s tested, or time goes by to help you make a reasonable hypothesis. At that time allergy testing wasn’t something the vet even mentioned.. Trupanion payed the small claims for meds for the ear infections but now have no desire to actually help my girl get better. You are better off saving what you would pay every month in an emergency account than handing it over to the heartless crooks!
    Then after acting sympathetic while telling me they were not going to cover it, they tried to convince me to keep the policy because they want to be able to help me out in the future! Why??so she can get cancer and they can tell me they can’t cover it because she COULD have had cancer before I started the policy??
    I specifically got this policy and paid it every month so she would be covered for the things that COULD happen.
    That’s what insurance is for! TRUPANION ISNT INSURANCE! IT IS A SCAM!

  2. Randy Quinn says:

    I chose Trupanion above several seemingly equally worthy options for my two new 9-month-old puppies. Two months into their coverage period, both developed cases of intestinal distress. They had earlier experienced a similar–but different–issue due to changing their dog food, but this most recent issue was unrelated. However, based on the vet record of a prior intestinal disturbance, Trupanion declined the coverage due to what it concluded to be a “preexisting condition.” I guess dogs are not expected to have more than one case of diarrhea during their life spans. If they do, they must have some sort of preexisting condition. My best advice is to avoid this company at all costs. They want your money, but they have no interest in providing coverage for your pet. I realize that others are contributing exactly opposite opinions of the company, and these are the same evaluations that led me to select Trupanion to begin with. I’m just stating my true experience with the company. You be your own judge. The company won’t get another dime of my money, however.

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