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Ways to Keep your Furry Friend Healthy on a Budget

Ways to Keep your Furry Friend Healthy on a BudgetAnimals are wonderful companions and often become part of the family. While they are wonderful, they can also be a costly family addition. Handling money wisely in all areas of life is a learned skill, and there are many ways to keep your loveable furry friend healthy, while also keeping your budget in check. Read on for some helpful tips.

Choose your breed wisely
If you are not yet a pet owner, carefully consider the animal that you will obtain. The starting decision in this regard can have a big impact on your overall associated costs. Mixed breed dogs are often healthier animals than purebreds, and seem to escape some genetic health issues associated with pedigrees. Consider adopting a mixed breed rescue animal. Many rescue shelters have online information that you can peruse before going in person to meet animals. You’ll also need to consider the grooming needs of your dog. Some long haired breeds will require regular visits to the dog groomer, which can be quite expensive.

Exercising benefits not just your furry friend, but you as well! You can go on walks and jogs for free, just be sure to keep your pet on a leash. Many parks allow dogs, so you can even explore new parks in your area with your pooch. Cats can exercise too. Set up an area where kitty can jump and romp around, and provide a few low cost cat toys. Regular exercise also saves money by reducing costly behavioral problems such as chewing up furniture and other destructive acts due to pent up energy.

Receive Low Cost Vaccinations
Some pet stores regularly offer low cost vaccination clinics. Costs of vet visits and procedures also vary greatly, so check your options before choosing a vet practice. Many animal shelters also offer free or low cost spay and neuter procedures.

Choose An Honest Veterinarian
Do your research and find a veterinarian you can trust. Many vets will allow you to call in and receive feedback for free, and will also give you very honest information when it comes to making decisions about pet health. For example, an honest vet might clue you in on the importance of regularly brushing your animal’s teeth at home in order to avoid costly plaque removal in the office, where animals frequently must receive anesthesia to undergo the procedure. If you need special medicine or supplies for your pet you can also find discount online veterinary supplies, rather than paying more at a chain store.

Have A Friend Or Family Member Pet-sit When You Go Away
Not only is kenneling a pet expensive, but it can also be stressful to your animal. This stress can last even after your pet comes homes. Save your pet stress, and keep them healthy by having them cared for in their own home by someone familiar. Give a gift to your friend or family member to thank them for their act of service, and feel good knowing that you kept your pet as healthy as possible.

Keeping your pet healthy on a budget just takes common sense. Relish your relationship with your animal, and enjoy knowing that you are making wise money choices.

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