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Action Shot: Dogs Captured Underwater


We all know the infamous look of excitement when dogs fetch for a ball, dig for a bone, or play in the mud. One pet photographer had the bright idea to capture priceless action shots of dogs fetching into the water. The results are hilarious, surprising, and an absolute must see.


The idea of underwater dog photography was discovered by accident. Seth Casteel was photographing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Buster in the home of his backyard in California. The photo shoot was planned to be “on-land” but Buster insisted on diving into the pool. As many pet owners have wondered, Seth was curious what Buster looked like as he vigorously dove into the pool after a tennis ball. He bought an underwater camera and the results of the photos were the beginning of his underwater dog photography career.


“FETCH – the Seth Casteel Way”. Photo
credit: Ian Shive / Tandem Stills + Motion

Casteel said, “People identify with dogs because they share a similar range of emotions that human beings do. They understand us, we understand them, and together we have this fantastic relationship.”


Since the photo series went viral on the internet, Seth has published a book called Underwater Dogs, being the best-selling photography book in 2012. He is currently working on a book called Underwater Puppies which is being published September 16, 2014.

In 2007, Seth began volunteering in pet shelters to photograph homeless pets in order to help them find loving families. His contribution of the updated positive pet photos resulted in countless adoptions.

We think this is a great example of a way people can understand dogs in their truest form.

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