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How to Care for Your Sick Dog After a Veterinary Visit

ID-10084442Regardless of the nature of veterinary clinic or hospital visits, dog owners need to be extremely mindful of a few things to make the experience as stress-free as possible for their pets. The following information will help show those of you who own dogs how to utilize four ways to care for your ill pet after a vet visit.

Take it Slow
After a large procedure or even a very stressful visit to the vet for your dog you should be sure to not overstimulate them. Just like any human when recovering, taking it slow and getting some good rest is paramount when it comes to healing. Choose a nice, dry and warm area to recuperate. This area should be a “low traffic” area and this means that you shouldn’t fuss over the dog either. Only disturb them for the essentials and keep other family members away during the healing process as well.

Numerous animal specialists have stated that dogs are creatures of habit, and because they crave routine, even the smallest variation in your daily interactions with your dog may cause it to exhibit noticeable negative behavioral changes. With this in mind, pet owners will have to find a balance between monitoring their ill dogs and maintaining a sense of normalcy.

While it may not seem like a big deal to humans, a simple check-up can be just as stressful as an overnight stay at a veterinary hospital for dogs. Some veterinarians have urged dog owners to make occasional “just because” visits to the animal clinics with their pets so that they can familiarize themselves with the surroundings. By doing so, the dogs will not see the veterinarian clinic as a scary place that separates it from its owner.

Upon returning from the veterinary hospital or clinic, pet owners should be mindful of climate. When dogs have been given medication, their owners may need to raise the temperature a bit to ensure that their ill pets are warm enough.

Sleeping arrangements may need to be modified as well. For example, if your dog is used to sleeping in bed with you, denying it the right to hop up on the bed as usual may seem like a form of punishment. But it may be necessary, depending on the nature of the vet visit. Dog owners can compromise with their pets by purchasing a doggy bed or a crate that can be kept beside their beds and get them used to sleeping in it.

Separate but Equal Treatment
It may be necessary to temporarily separate ill dogs from other family pets until they have fully recuperated. Some dogs become testy when they are ill and may snap at family members. Another thing to be aware of is the fact that other family dogs may view ill dogs as weak and try to establish dominance via fighting. Spending equal time with other pets will help stop them from resenting your ill dog and causing strife.

Taking your dog to the a veterinarian in San Ramon, CA can be traumatic experience but not if you plan ahead and help with the recovery process in an appropriate manner. By remembering the aforementioned techniques, pet owners can help make their pets’ recovery time as stress-free and fast as possible.


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