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In The Dog House: The Most Pampered Pets In The World

Hollywood stars are known for a lot of things. They’re known for their talents, their fashions, and spending lots of money. Lately we’ve noticed a trend of some of Hollywood’s richest spending their dough on their favorite furry friends! Every dog does have their day, but these canines are living in the lap of luxury!

Photo via http://www.examiner.com/article/tinkerbell-talks-paris-hilton-breaks-up-with-boyfriend-benji-madden

Photo source 1

Tinkerbell – Paris Hilton’s Mansion Dwelling Dog
When it comes to insanely spoiled pooches, Paris Hilton is probably one of the most guilty parties, known for spending doggie dough. In addition to all the expected commodities that Paris’s pup has, such as a personal groomer, a personal walker, and only the best of veterinary care and nutrition, her pooch also has its very own doggie mansion! Her pup’s palace includes two floors, a door large enough for her to walk through on her own, and outdoor balconies (complete with extravagantly decorated safety railings so that little Tinkerbell won’t try to fly away) on both floors!

Fozzi – Lady Gaga’s World Travel Companion

Photo via http://www.pepsi.com/en-us/d/content/14579/Everything-You-Need-To-Know-About-Lady-Gaga%27s-Adorable-New-Dog-Fozzi

Photo source 2

As Gaga rises to fame and travels the world, her faithful friend Fozzi’s reputation grows, also! Fozzi is as pampered and beloved as Gaga herself, and has been known to sport some of her stylized looks from time to time, as well! Fozzi’s reputation skyrocketed after Gaga famously threw a fit at the airport when Fozzi was banned from riding first class with her as her carry-on item, but he’s managed to travel the world with the pop star, nonetheless! Posing for pictures with Gaga, her fans, and on his own (taking up much of her Instagram and Twitter feed space), Fozzi has a fan base all his own!

Penny – Blake Lively’s Backstage Buddy

Photo via http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20171673_20393437,00.html

Photo source 3

When Blake Lively comes to the set, so does her pooch, Penny! The Gossip Girl star brings her pup and all the comforts that her furry friend could need while she’s working, including toys, food, water, and – of course – a plush and comfy dog bed to any set she works on. Penny entertains the cast and crew, and cuddles up to her favorite human during down time from being in front of the camera. With all the comforts of her human, her bed, and her toys traveling with her, Penny is certainly one primped pooch!

While these celebrities’ financial investments in their puppy love might go above and beyond what some of us would be willing (or able) to afford, one thing is for sure. These pooches and their people sure do make some absolutely adorable companions!

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