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The Growing World of Social Media for Pets

It seems like social media sites have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives these days. You can check your local transit system’s Twitter for any delays, browse the latest shipment in at your favorite clothing boutique on Instagram, and print off coupons from that new restaurant’s Facebook. It seems only natural in this age of sharing everything and anything, that our loyal companions get in on the action too. As evidenced by these Twitter accounts found through social media trend analyzing tool Viral Heat, dogs have a remarkable ability to Tweet despite lacking opposable thumbs.



Luckily for you though, your pet doesn’t have to resort to infiltrating Twitter to get in on the social networking game. That’s because there’s been an emerging trend of social media sites made specifically for pets and their owners. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and how they’re used.

Dogster & Catster
These two sister sites are specifically for, well, dogs and cats. They both allow their users to create blog posts, set up customized web pages, and interact with other members in their forums. They also feature a virtual currency which you can earn through interacting on the website, or buy with a PayPal account. The currency, called “zealies” can be used to give treats to other users or to purchase virtual items.

The more popular features of these two sites are the community boards, where all of the users can interact and discuss just about anything under the sun, pet related or not. These forums are usually very active thanks to the nearly half a million visitors Dogster gets every day.

This site is open to all types of pets and is completely free of charge for it’s users. While it lacks the number of visitors Dogster and Catster have, it’s a steadily growing community. One of the fun features on this site are the various groups that members can join and contribute to. These groups range from the “Doggy Fashion Club” to “Dog Treat Recipes.”

Petbrags is a really great site for those pet owners who just simply want to share funny pictures and stories of their pets, while exploring those of others. The photo contest, event board, community forum, groups, and personal pages really create a nice sense of community and help you, and your pet, meet some new friends.

Pack is one of the most advanced sites regarding its interface and visuals. Its sleek look and homepage will make you want to join almost immediately! It’s a social networking community that allows both you and your dog to have connected profile pages. Your dog’s profile will be grouped in with other dogs of that breed into a “pack,” whose profiles you can browse. You can also browse for profiles in a specific area, so you can make friends with some dog lovers near you, and possibly set up a playdate or two!
One of the best features, in my opinion, is a weekly newsletter that is personalized to your breed. It provides some great, specific information that you might not have had to the time to go out and research yourself.

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