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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 5/2

@Trupanion you guys rock!! Thank you for all your support when our little one passed. Trupanion has heart. You are a great team -@Pster13

Thanks for offering insurance for my new found friend. Gives me piece of mind to know Callie’s has coverage if needed. -Tina H.

I speak from personal experience in saying what a blessing it is for us humans to know we can provide the medical care our animals need without worrying how we will pay for it. Trupanion is a Godsend. -Mary C.

I am so grateful to Trupanion. Best thing I ever did for Princess, my adorable yorkie was sign her up when I first adopted her.
Last week she had to have surgery on her right hind leg for a luxating patella and torn ACL.
Her surgery was pre-approved the same day that we sent in her forms helping us to be able to set up her surgery right away. Payment was even issued to the vet the day after her surgery…they were that fast!! Oh and they even paid 50% of her new prescription diet!!
I recommend Trupanion to everyone for their fur babies!!

Date Of Loss: 4/24/2014
Date Claim Received: 4/4/2014
Date Closed: 4/25/2014
Total Claimed: $1789.85
Status: Finalized:Closed
Amount Paid: $1578.13
Thank-you Trupanion!!!!!
-Dawn L.


Thanks to @Trupanion and @bluepearlvet in NYC for making sure this guy could get off the ventilator and make it home -@EdTechBSt


At the vet today. Her: “That will be $29.75.” Me: “We have pet insurance.” Her: “Ok, that will be $2.50.” Thank you Trupanion! (Saru the shiba inu thanks you too. His ear is feeling much better.) -Heather R.

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