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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 5/30

@Trupanion  my rating ★★★★★5Stars and a HIGH 5 with a PAWS. I want to hug ((((@Trupanion)))). -@jonathanpace

Just wanted to say how much Trupanion has helped my Taycie! So thankful that I started a policy on her as a puppy and Trupanion has been fantastic with all of our claims. I just submitted a claim yesterday morning and 3 hours later it had already processed and been a claim reimbursement will once again be sent our way.
Taycie and I can’t thank everyone at Trupanion for everything you have done for her thus far in her short little life! I am so happy I can provide her with all the care she deserves:-) -Emily N.


I’m a little surprised to see the few recent concerns about Trupanion’s rates. Not only did you happily insure my adopted 10 YEAR old dog (with no medical history available) but you have come through for us quickly and professionally when we have filed our claims. Good customer service is worth paying for and you certainly have it. Not to mention that most companies don’t offer 90% back so lower premiums don’t necessarily mean more savings overall. On behalf of now 11.5 year old Tux and 9 year old cat Kermit, “Thank you”! -Lisa W.

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