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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 5/9

Thank you Trupanion for helping my dog Radar get though his spinal surgeries and he is doing well and can walk again!- Andra Young and Radar


Our vet submitted 10 insurance claims for us for past few months. So glad we have @Trupanion. #olddog -@pfindling

Thank you @trupanion for the speedy delivery of our checks! I filed the claim for Rio’s toe 8 days ago and already got paid. How awesome is that? I’m so pleased that we got insurance for Rio and that we chose this carrier. I thought it would have taken at least a month! This money is really needed right now too. Thank you #trupanion #petinsurance #awesome #fast #usethem #ilovemydog #dogsofig #catsofig #petsofig #happycustomer -@rio_the_red_nose


You never know when your pet might have a need for special care. In the last week, I have had my dog to animal hospital ER, and now have an appointment with a neurology consultation. Within 24 hours, Trupanion has a check in the mail for their part. Also Probie, had been scheduled for surgery on his hip, which they have pre approved. All of this could not have been done without the assistance of Trupanion. One hopes in getting pet insurance you will never have to use it, but is a comfort knowing they will be taken care of in the event they do need it. -Sandi S.

You are truly an amazing company. I would be happy to be a referral and/or provide a testimonial for you to use across your marketing efforts. -Carson H.

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