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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Pet Insurance Claims of the Week: What Pets Ate Edition

This week’s featured pet insurance claim post is a little unconventional. Rather than focusing on one claim, I decided to showcase a handful that stood out to me. Apparently, in the past week, pets decided to start eating lots of

Summertime Pet Pics 2014

How is your pet enjoying summer so far? Here in Seattle, our office pets are bathing in sun puddles and getting midday walks out in the warmth, then returning to our air-conditioned office to relax and cool down. We asked

Trupanion Reviews – Week of 6/27

Thank you! Without your help we don’t know what we would have done. Sookie will hopefully come home soon. -Elsa V. Thanks Trupanion for helping Lexi with her new cart. She has DM and the cart is enabling her to

7 Tips For Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

Dogs use their paws constantly throughout the day. Because of this, your dog’s paws must be cared for to keep up with how active your animal might be. The paw pads are soft and help protect bones and joints from

Strong Bonds Fight a Mystery Illness

One day, a grey cat appeared in my backyard. I gave her some food and a few days later she came back and brought kittens. She kept coming back, even through a second pregnancy.  I had no intention of keeping