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Canadian Shelter Dog Trained to Detect Fires

Photo via: Global News Canada
Photo via: Global News Canada

What do you do when you need a working pet? You may be surprised to learn that not all working pets and service animals are purebred. This is a story of an Edmonton shelter dog that got a second chance.

Deputy Chief Bill McGovern Jr. with the State Office of Fire Prevention and Control was searching for a dog with a good attitude and a sense of play to join his team. Grover is a year-old Jack Russell-bloodhound-lab mix that was taken to a shelter after his owners abandoned him in an outdoor kennel. Shelter manager Kerrie Colin said that she knew Grover had a great amount of energy and required a lot of attention. Grover, a lab mix from the Animal Shelter of Schoharie County was just the dog that Chief McGovern was looking for.

“We lucked out and I guess it was fate for Grover. Grover wanted to please and always looked for direction,” said Colin. “He loved his toys, so I knew training him would be easier for them.”

Grover completed an eight-week program through the State Academy of Fire Science and is now trained in fire accelerant detection. Grover has taken his position under Captain Murray Steedsman of the City of Edmonton, Alberta Fire Department as his partner.

All pets deserve a happy life, and we are happy to see that Grover got his second chance in an important role at the fire department. Here at Trupanion, we love hearing stories of pets doing amazing things–and we know Grover is destined to become a hero! Working pets provide a great service to their owners and community. (Did you know that we offer dog insurance for working dogs?) We believe all pets should receive coverage to protect against the unexpected.

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