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Are You a Crazy Cat/Dog Person?

Petra birthday cakeThe way we interact with our pets may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but come off as a little kooky to the outsider or non-pet owner. These actions range from simply talking to our pets, all the way to keeping a specialized wardrobe of clothing, complete with matching hats and shoes.

Personally, my dog sleeps on a cozy stack of two cushy pet beds, beneath a blanket that I handmade for her. She also gets the occasional home-baked dog treat.

Our social community shared some of their behaviors that may cause the outsider to think of them as a crazy pet person:

  • I like to coordinate Halloween costumes with my dog.
  • My dog Dixie, when she was alive, she started having bladder issues after I first got married and moved out. So my mom would bring me tap water in water jugs from her house because it seemed to help. We loved her a lot and miss her Sheltie face!!
  • In winter he has booties so his feet don’t get cold and wet. And for sure he has a winter parka he wears with a fur hood. If he could sleep in it, he would. he loves it. And don’t forget the scarf!
  • Working at an animal hospital that deals with rescues and just want to take every single one of them home! I have a dog and a cat and came home with another adopted dog one day, husband was hardly thrilled. I show him “free” ads on kijiji and tell him we need to bring them all home..he thinks I’m crazy.
  • Archie has more clothes than I do! His favorite are his onesies that mom cut the bottom off so he has a comfortable tee to wear around the house. He also has pj’s for the winter.
  • We started with one rescued GSD…..then I started volunteering with my local GSD Rescue. Now we proudly have 3 rescue GSD’s….they are my babies.

What are some of your habits that you’d add to this list?

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