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Fighting A Rare Disease

Pete - Jenny - Image 2 (small)We adopted Pete, a Basenji-Corgi mix, from the BC SPCA. He had such a sweet temperament and obviously needed a loving home. Pete became an integral part of our lives.

A year later, we noticed something was wrong and took him to the Urban Animal Hospital. They examined him and advised that given the symptoms it might be something called IMHA- Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.

For a while he seemed to stabilize but within hours Pete lost mobility and could no longer walk.  We rushed him to the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic and they diagnosed IMHA. Pete was immediately admitted and put on several IV drips. The veterinarian provided an overview of the various costs and options.

Then came the worst news—IMHA has a very low survival rate. Pete’s case was serious.  The veterinarian recommended an immediate blood transfusion, and reminded us that the procedure was not guaranteed to save his life and it would be very expensive.

His medication was so strong it could be as dangerous as the IMHA.  While we waited for the medications to take effect we tried everything to assist his recovery.  We took him for holistic therapy and gave him vitamins, supplements and herbs. Slowly, Pete’s personality came back.

Pete - Jenny - Image 1 (small)Four months later, the veterinarian gave Pete a clean bill of health. Even though the veterinarian reminded us of the possibility of relapse and Pete would be on medication for the rest of his life, we slept soundly.

Pete survived the most dangerous first year with IMHA and beyond until December 31, 3013 when the strong medications were finally too much for his body.   I strongly believe during this time his will to survive was no match for the disease.

We owe our ability to give Pete all the medical attention he needed to Trupanion; they reimbursed us quickly so we could fund the next course of treatment. We are so thankful for Trupanion.

-Jenny M.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Enrolled: April 2010
Condition: IMHA, an Autoimmune Disorder
Total Paid: $11,051.13

Pete - Jenny - Image 4 (small)

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