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Pet Insurance Claims of the Week: What Pets Ate Edition

This week’s featured pet insurance claim post is a little unconventional. Rather than focusing on one claim, I decided to showcase a handful that stood out to me. Apparently, in the past week, pets decided to start eating lots of things they shouldn’t have!

These foreign body ingestion claims involve pets eating non-food or toxic items.

  • For solid non-food objects (toys, rocks, string, etc.), treatment involves either getting the pet to vomit, allowing the object to pass (if it is small and uncomplicated) or surgical removal.
  • For toxic substances (chemicals, raisins, xylitol), treatment may include getting the pet to vomit the substance out, using activated charcoal to absorb toxins, or fluid therapy.

Have a look at the claims from the past week:

  • Buster the Golden Retriever ate some rocks and was presented to the vet with vomiting and diarrhea.
    • Claim amount: $3,055, Trupanion paid: $2,583
  • Howie the mixed-breed dog swallowed a peach pit.
    • Claim amount: $2,142, Trupanion paid: $1,722
  • Poca the American Staffordshire Terrier swallowed a corn cob.
    • Claim amount: $2,366, Trupanion paid: $1,571
  • Sweetness the Domestic Shorthair cat swallowed part of a foam flip flop.
    • Claim amount: $1,031, Trupanion paid $887
  • Ladybug the mixed-breed dog was presented to the veterinarian because she was vomiting and defecating carpet fibers.
    • Claim amount: $959, Trupanion paid: $819
  • Rocko the Bouvier des Flandres swallowed a ball which needed surgical removal.
    • Claim amount: $1,689, Trupanion paid $800
  • Jewel the mixed-breed dog ate raisins which are poisonous to dogs and cats.
    • Claim amount: $1,353, Trupanion paid: $741
  • Harley the Australian Shepherd got into some ibuprofen.
    • Claim amount: $782, Trupanion paid: $507
  • Stella the Labrador Retriever had a feast! She ate half a loaf of bread that contained raisins, as well as a bag of cat litter.
    • Claim amount: $546, Trupanion paid: $428
  • Whiskey Marie the Golden Retriever got into rodenticide.
    • Claim amount: $508, Trupanion paid $370
  • Moose Tracks the mixed-breed dog ate cake and glass!
    • Claim amount: $403, Trupanion paid $363

These real-life pet insurance claim examples are provided to give you an idea of why pet insurance is beneficial and how it can help with unexpected occurrences that could happen at any time.

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