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Strong Bonds Fight a Mystery Illness

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One day, a grey cat appeared in my backyard. I gave her some food and a few days later she came back and brought kittens. She kept coming back, even through a second pregnancy.  I had no intention of keeping any of the kittens, but I knew I needed to do something. I caught two kittens from the second litter, Cupcake and Buttercup, and grew beyond attached. I realized there was no way I could give these two away or risk them being separated, I knew they were mine.

I always planned to purchase pet medical insurance—Trupanion was the clear choice, no other companies’ coverage compared. It was one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made.

One day I noticed some blood coming out of Cupcake’s ear and I knew something was terribly wrong. Cupcake was admitted to Coral Springs Animal Hospital with a mystery condition. That night he was inside an oxygen tent and completely unresponsive.

I went home thinking he would not make it through the night but he did. One of the nurses brought her kitty to donate blood and the transfusion was successful. I will forever be grateful. After three days Cupcake was up and alert. He spent six nights in care before he was allowed home and soon Cupcake and Buttercup were curled up together again. Cupcake has been home for over a month and his blood work continues to improve at each follow-up visit.

The staff at Coral Springs Medical Center combined with the coverage, efficiency, and compassion of Trupanion made Cupcake’s recovery possible. The charges for his hospital stay and continuing medical care are astronomical, there is no way I could have afforded to give him the care he needed to save his life if he was not a Trupanion kitty.

Jennifer S.

Margate, Florida

Enrolled: July 2013
Condition: Blood Disorder, Spontaneous Bleeding from the Ear
Total Paid: $12,541.44

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Kathryn works at Trupanion alongside her little sidekick, a rescued Papillion mix named Modie. She loves all animals big and small but is a dog enthusiast at heart. By the third grade, she had memorized every dog breed and their characteristics and dreamed of being an agility dog trainer or the next Steve Irwin. When not at Trupanion, Kathryn spends her time playing soccer, baking cookies, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her little sidekick.

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