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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 6/13

I love Trupanion , they have been so good with paying for shadows surgeries , 90% is what they pay . What ins pays that kind of money. Shadow had 2 TPLO’s and I hope nothing else happens . She is recovering very well with her second surgery. Thank you Trupanion -Adelina A.

I spoke with Kris in a moment of extreme frustration with our vet office. He was authentic, validating, and hilarious. My frown turned all the way upside down. Please give him a big hug and a bonus for being the most awesome customer rep I have ever talked to! One of the many reasons the Goyette family loves Trupanion. -Kelly G.

My name is Heathyr. I just wanted to thank you for EVERYTHING that you have provided for Scout. (My husband’s guide dog) Scout has been going through a rough patch and you have been an absolute blessing. I’d like to share with you “Scout’s Journey“. Just so you can see for yourself who you are helping.
I’d personally like to say thank you to Kat. She is wonderful!
Thank you for all that you do and the love for our veterans. -Heathyr K.

Spending close to $800 per month on the dog right now. Thankfully we have vet insurance through @Trupanion #highlyrecommendit #dogs #cats -@MarketingRxCa

We have Trupanion too, thank goodness! RT @MarketingRxCa: Spending close to $800 per month on the dog. Thankfull 4 @Trupanion vet insurance -@adela1hora

This is my Boy Ozzy. We want to THANK YOU for everything. Ozz just had knee surgery. His left rear knee. He’s had torn ligaments. Thanks to Vista Veterinary Specialist he’s all good. Trupanions quick response and timely assistance helped my Boy. Thank you Trupanion. You ROCK. -Roland C.


To Emma and the amazing people at Trupanion …
We are crying happy tears of relief after getting your personal call letting us know that Nala will be covered for her knee surgery. We (our Saint and Bulldog) have only been with you for three months and I was worried that she may not have been covered. Alas, everything you say about your company is true and we are so blessed to have you behind us.
Thank you (from the bottom, middle and top of our hearts)!
Tia (Nala’s Mom)


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