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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 6/20

Thank you so much for your coverage of my current bout with thrombocytopenia!
We still aren’t sure of the cause but paws crossed, my condition seems to be improving.
Every little bit helps and it’s so nice to know we have the support of Trupanion.
-Manny V.

Trupanion saved us thousands of dollars when our kitten swallowed an 18-inch long poultry string. She would have died without major surgery to remove it. I don’t know what I would have done without this wonderful insurance … AND they reimbursed us quickly (90% on most of it). I can’t imagine the absolute horror of having to euthanize a pet because you can’t afford the medical care. Please do check out this insurance. It has already paid for itself for us! -Anne G.


We, along with Storm, would like to thank trupanion for the absolutely wonderful customer service we received. When Storm was diagnosed with a torn ACL, we contacted Trupanion to see about our coverage, our options, and to get pre-approval for surgery, mri, or an orthopedic brace. The customer service was amazing and compassionate! (Thanks Zoe) We are happy to say Storm had tplo surgery 2 weeks ago. She is recovering nicely and although she can’t go for walks yet, she is happy, healthy, and enjoying the summer pain-free in her “pet garden”. -Amanda B.

Thank you very much for helping us take care of Murphy. She passed away on June 2 and during her short 6 years our contact with you has always been positive, helpful, compassionate and caring. I thank you for that, especially over the last couple of weeks. Awesome company. -Brenda P.

I love you guys, our pet insurance is better than our health insurance!
Thank you! -Tina G.

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