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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 6/27

Thank you! Without your help we don’t know what we would have done. Sookie will hopefully come home soon. -Elsa V.


Thanks Trupanion for helping Lexi with her new cart. She has DM and the cart is enabling her to continue coming out on the trails each day with her brother and I. She gets so excited at certain points where I have to get out of the way or get run over, usually because she can’t get to the river fast enough. She will go straight in cart and all and I have to stop her from going too far 🙂 I know it’s just a matter of time until she loses the battle but “her wheels” are a life saver and allow her to live her life doing what she loves for now


Decided to keep continuing coverage for our Maltese, Butter with Trupanion before 30 trial ends. Great appreciation to your amazing customer care advocate Paige Fleming who did awesome job and played a big roll on this decision to convert the policy. She sure is a great value of your company, THANKS again Paige, if I was your boss I would give you a big bonus! -Ann W.

I had the same experience with Kris, Amber and Kyra! Every time I speak with Trupanion customer service I am blown away by how caring and helpful they are! So glad I chose Trupanion over all the other pet insurance providers out there! -Colin R.

We can not thank Trupanion enough for being there for our dog Sassy! She is only 8 years old and she was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease and our bills have been in excess of $2000 in the first month. Sassy is responding very well to the medication, however she will need to be on it the rest of her life and she will require regular intervals of special blood work. We could not take care of her if it were not for Trupanion! Many, Many Thank you’s! -Wendy C.

I just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you”. I came home from holidays and my dog had been attacked by something but no one had seen it happen. I was shaking as I brought him to the vet, so upset, so stressed. He was treated but the damage was worse that first thought and infection set in. He needed surgery. Thanks to Truepanion I was saved the stress of worrying over the financial cost of treatment. My dog is still in recovery and I am so grateful for your service. You guys are the BEST! -Mick G.

@Trupanion thank you for everything .. My dog blu thanks u for help saving his life.. #trustme #blu


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