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Venus, A Cat With Two Faces

Photo via Venus's Page - Amazing Chimera cat
Photo via Venus’s Page – Amazing Chimera cat

Meet Venus, one side of her face appears to look like a Tabby, and the other half is black. Her eyes are completely different as well, one eye being bright blue, and the other is yellow. The markings are so abnormal that when a photo of Venus was posted online, it went viral overnight. In fact, the photo was initially accused of being fake and digitally edited. After investigation, this cat does in fact exist and has quite a following on social media.

What caused these interesting markings? The only explanation for these exotic markings is that it’s a result of a genetic anomaly. There are still some mysteries that have yet to be solved.

One theory is that Venus is a chimera, an organism that is composed of two or more genetically different cell lines. Chimeras are formed by the fusion of two fertilized eggs, which creates an animal with two sets of genetic DNA. Chimeras are very rare, especially those with unique markings that are visibly noticeable. Genetic testing would rule out if Venus was a chimera or not.

Her eyes are another mystery. Generally speaking, blue eyes are rare unless the cat is mostly white (or a kitten).

Do you have a pet that has interesting markings? Share them with us! We’d love to see what makes your furry friend unique!

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